Mobile Application

Frequently Asked Questions / Help

What is a Mobi Site? How do I access the Woolworths Financial Services Mobi Site? How much does it cost to use this Mobile Site? What cellphone models can be used to access my account information via the Mobi Site? How do I sign into the Mobi Site? Will any personal information be required to set up this self-service Mobi Site? What are the benefits of using the Woolworths Mobi Site? What do I need to use the Mobi Site? Can I register more than one cell phone number on my account? Is my information safe? Can I search for specific transactions? What happens if I am no longer able to access the Mobi Site? What should I do if my cell phone is lost or stolen and I need to access my Woolworths account information? What do I need to do if I change my cell phone number or service provider? How do I log in? How do I reset my password? What if I can't log in? What's the difference between Mobi site, USSD and Mobile Application?